Clinical radiology e-learning

RCR Learning

The RCR Learning hub and app offer a broad and exciting range of activities for clinical radiologists’ continuing professional development (CPD) in a virtual learning environment easily accessible from computers, tablets or smart phones. 

The virtual platform was developed in recognition of the fact that doctors are finding it increasingly hard to take time out from their clinical duties to attend study days and conferences. It is designed to offer bite-sized educational activities such as e-learning sessions, interesting cases, quizzes, videos and podcasts as well as allowing pre-booking for face-to-face education sessions and webinars.


Radiology – Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI)

The Radiology-Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI) is an e-learning resource available via the e-LfH Hub to approximately 5,600 UK radiologists. With over 650 hours of e-learning and around 800 e-learning sessions, it is one of the largest e-learning projects in the world. Access to R-ITI is free of charge for anyone in the NHS. Visit the R-ITI page for more information on what it contains and how to make the best use of it. For those overseas and not in the NHS licences can be purchased. Go to R-ITI for overseas users for more information.

Other RCR e-learning resources

The RCR has a number of electronic resources available that contribute to learning and continuing professional development.

 e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) programmese-LfH

e-LfH works in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies to provide high-quality content free of charge for the training of the NHS workforce across the UK. e-LfH has over 75 separate e-learning programmes, all of which are free to access for those working in the NHS. To access these programmes you need to register with e-LfH using your NHS email address. 

Programmes for other specialties 

Programmes focusing on professional skills