Service delivery

Increasingly clinical radiologists require skills in management and service delivery to understand the complex issues involved in introducing new treatments, commissioning healthcare in relation to changing models of care and monitoring standards through peer review.The RCR provides a range of resources to support medical directors and non-radiologist managers/leaders as well as clinical directors and radiologist managers by providing information on the current workforce status.  

Clinical Imaging Board

The CIB provides guidance, oversight and support for high-quality clinical imaging services

Radiology workforce census

Insight into the patterns of recruitment and retirement among the radiology workforce 

Quality Standard for Imaging (QSI)

Accreditation programme for diagnostic imaging services in the UK

Service review

Information about the Clinical Radiology Service Review Committee and service review process

Structured reporting for cancer staging

Exploring the use of structured reporting for cancer staging


Information on commissioning resources

RCR Referral Guidelines

Radiological investigation guideline tools for referring healthcare professionals

Support for departments under pressure

Resources to support those facing backlogs or reporting issues

Advisory Appointment Committees (AACs) for HR/Medical Departments

Information about the AAC process and how to obtain a College representative

Mechanical thrombectomy for stroke

Supporting the training and delivery of MT for stroke