Image-based examination delivery

Image-based examinations are delivered on a digital platform. The instructional video below should be watched by all candidates before practising on the accompanying demonstration site. It is essential that candidates watch the video and familarise themselves with the platform on the demonstration site before attempting the examination. There will not be an opportunity to practice immediately prior to the start of the examination at venues.

Demonstration site

The candidate ID number for all three examinations is 11001. The platform works best on the Google Chrome browser. The new platform demonstration site requires the following PINs to access the different examinations:

FRCR examinations

  • Anatomy PIN: 501192
  • Long cases PIN: 365950
  • Rapid reporting PIN: 657439

DDMFR examinations

  • DDMFR anatomy PIN: 160877
  • DDMFRB rapid reporting PIN: 499814
  • DDMFR B long cases PIN: 078409

Instructional video

The video can also be viewed on YouTube.