Glasgow Radiology Society

The Glasgow Radiology Society was founded in 2018. We aim to promote radiology among medical students. We hold events to help with everything radiological from brushing up on your CXR interpretation to advice on how to get involved in the specialty.
We also aim to provide opportunities for medical students to get hands-on experience in both diagnostic and interventional radiology. Whether you’re interested in a career in radiology or still don’t really know what consolidation looks like, we have (rad) events just for you!

Join us for:

  • Talks by Expert Guest Speakers
  • Journal Club
  • Revision Evenings
  • Hands-On Imaging Days at Local Hospitals

Glasgow Radiology Society

President: Jeremy Cher Chuen Lim
Vice President: Elbert Choi
Secretary: Lucy McGuire
Treasurer: Iida Lohi

Twitter: @GlasgowRadioSoc