Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education for Radiology

We are delighted to announce the launch of our postgraduate certificate in medical education for radiology, in collaboration with the University of Dundee.

Why the course was created

There are specialist postgraduate certificates and Masters’ degrees in medical education for other specialties, such as for GPs and for surgeons, but nothing similar for radiology. This joint course between The Royal College of Radiologists, and the University of Dundee's Centre for Medical Education, aims to fill that gap.

What it involves

The postgraduate certificate is delivered entirely online, and should take one year of part time study to complete. There are three modules, each of which will take approximately 200 hours to complete and will run over 12 weeks. The first two modules are on learning and teaching, and on assessment, and they are generic to all medical or health professional education. The third is the learning teaching and assessment in radiology module. It was written by Dr Faye Cuthbert, a radiologist from Brighton, who was the RCRs first educational fellow, in collaboration with the Education team at the College, with support from the team at the University of Dundee.

Who it is for

Although we anticipate that most of the people undertaking this module will be radiologists, we’re mindful that other professionals also teach radiology, particularly radiographers and physicists. So the PGCME for Radiology is designed for trainee and consultant radiologists with an interest in developing their careers in medical education, as well as for any other health care professionals who teach radiology. It’s also designed with an international audience in mind, so it is not limited to the RCR/UK curriculum.

As well as completing the whole postgraduate certificate with the University of Dundee, if you are doing a PGCE elsewhere, then it is also possible to study the Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Radiology module as a stand-alone module. You may then be able to use the credit for the Dundee  module towards another PGCE, although you would need to check if this possible with your home institution. If you already have a teaching qualification, it is also possible to complete the radiology module as a stand-alone module for continuing professional development points, which are awarded by the RCR. You can continue studying with the University of Dundee’s Centre for Medical Education to postgraduate diploma or to Masters level.

Members and fellows will be eligible for a 10% discount on the course fees.

Assessors needed

Do you hold a PGCE teaching qualification? Would you like to extend your teaching experience by becoming an assessor?
We need PGCE-trained clinical radiologists with experience in giving feedback and written assessment to mark and moderate for the RCR/Dundee University PGCE Radiology Module. View the role description.

Contact if you are interested.

You can find more information on the Dundee University website or contact