Medical Training Initiative (MTI)

Before beginning an MTI application applicants and UK employers must read the Eligibility Criteria section to ensure that the applicant can meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the MTI, for GMC registration and for the Tier 5 visa.

What is the Medical Training Initiative?

The RCR’s MTI scheme is part of the national Medical Training Initiative (MTI).  It is designed to allow a limited number of doctors to enter the UK from overseas, for a maximum of two years, to benefit from training and development in the NHS before returning to their home countries. 

The scheme covers sponsorship for full GMC medical registration and for a Tier 5 visa.  The RCR makes a recommendation for sponsorship to the GMC for full registration. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) is the national visa sponsors and issuers of the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for the Tier 5 Visa. 

Sponsorship can only be offered for a job with a defined educational and training benefit to the applicant.  The GMC only allows sponsorship on this basis, and our agreement with the GMC allows us to sponsor those who are working at specialty registrar level, using spare NHS training capacity. The Tier 5 visa can only be issued with confirmation that there is no suitable doctor from the UK or EEA to take up that job. 


There are a limited number of Tier 5 visas available, across all specialties.  Our MTI exists as part of our commitment to facilitate philanthropic international activity across both our faculties.  When allocating visas, priority is given to applicants from Lower and Lower Middle-income countries, as listed by the Department for International Development (DfID).  Although those from other countries can use the scheme, this approach is supported by us as the scheme is intended primarily for doctors from countries with less developed economies. For further information please visit the AoMRC website.

We sponsor on the understanding that MTI applicants will finish their placements and return to their home country at their conclusion. Any changes to the agreed post must be taken up with the RCR before they are implemented. A failure to do that may compromise our sponsorship and consequently the applicant's immigration status.

All enquiries regarding MTI should be emailed to the