Careers and recruitment

Clinical radiology is the use of imaging to diagnose, treat and monitor various diseases. Rapid advances in technology and our understanding of the features of disease on diagnostic images have allowed for imaging to be used at much earlier stages of the diagnostic process. Similarly, changes in the characteristics of disease with treatment can be detected by imaging, which is now frequently used to monitor progress as well as to perform image-guided treatment, thanks to a much greater clarity that often even replaces the need for a surgical procedure. 

Now almost all clinical specialties rely heavily on radiology in order to be able to function clinically. Radiology today is a cornerstone of diagnosis and treatment and radiologists are at the heart of patient care. The enormous growth in applications of radiological imaging and image-guided treatments has resulted in an ongoing demand for top-quality radiologists. Explore the careers pages to learn more about this dynamic specialty, the people that work within it, and how you can train to become a radiologist.