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The seventh edition of iRefer: making the best use of clinical radiology was available through licensing arrangements via e-Learning for Healthcare or the N3 network to all NHS professionals working in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland until the eighth edition was launched in May 2017. A similar arrangement in respect of Wales ceased previously. Unfortunately, the lead bodies in each of those countries have not as yet entered into any successor  licence agreements for access to the eighth edition of iRefer. Discussions are in train in respect of some of the UK countries but it is not currently possible to say whether the eighth edition will be available in the same way in any of the UK countries.

For information, the pricing structure for online subscriptions to the eighth edition are available at

While we recommend purchasing iRefer print copies or online subscriptions via the iRefer website we understand that in some circumstances that may not be possible. In those instances, we are able to invoice for your order. If you would like to be invoiced, please complete this online form.

If you have any further questions about the new edition of iRefer or the subscription options, please email