Junior Radiologists' Forum Trainer Award


Introduced in 2010, the JRF Trainer Award is presented annually to a UK-based clinical radiologist who has made an outstanding contribution to clinical radiology teaching and training at a local, regional or national level. 


Many consultant radiologists dedicate their time and effort to deliver high-quality teaching and training of radiology to trainees. The purpose of this award is to identify and acknowledge those individuals whose hard work is often unrecognised. The award will be acknowledged in the JRF section of the RCR Newsletter and on the RCR website. All nominated trainers will receive a letter of commendation from the JRF, and the winner will be presented with an engraved trophy.


UK-based consultant clinical radiologist.

Who can nominate

Clinical radiology trainees 

To nominate

Nominations for 2021 will open Friday 15 January. 

Previous winners

The most recent recipient, Professor Margaret Hall-Craggs, was interviewed about her role as a trainer and supervisor. Read her interview to find out what inspires her and why everyone should consider getting involved in training and supervision.

2020Professor Margaret Hall-Craggs
2019 Dr Judith Anderson
2018Dr Siobhan Whitley
2017Dr Barbara Flont
2016Dr Nuala Kennan
2015Dr Janak Saada
2014Dr John Curtis
2013Dr George Watson 
2012Dr Sami U Khan 
2011Dr Ian Turnbull 
2010Dr David Lindsell