Research Fellowships

The Royal College of Radiologists has been actively supporting clinical radiologists undertaking research, both financially and educationally for many years.  The Academic Committee (formerly the Research Committee) offered the RCR Research Fellowship scheme from 2002 to 2005; and from 2005 to the present day, there have been jointly funded Clinical Research Training Fellowships, with Cancer Research UK and with the MRC. These are open to our members and Fellows to apply in open competition.

These Fellowships have proved to be very successful, not only in terms of advancing the academic careers of the award recipients but also in the form of research outputs (lectures, presentations, prizes, further research, and publications in high quality scientific journals). The benefits of the research to improve healthcare through advances in imaging is evident. The academic achievements of these Research Fellows and their subsequent careers are inspirational to trainee radiologists. The development and support of these academics has helped to provide appropriately trained individuals to fill academic radiology posts in the UK.

Research Fellowships

The following Research Fellowships are available from the RCR:

“This fellowship has given me the skills essential in clinically relevant research.” (2009 recipient)

  • “As well as giving me valuable experience in applying for competitive funding, this award acted as a springboard to my career as a clinical academic and led to me obtaining funding to undertake larger genetic and drug screens.” (2009 recipient)

  • “Without this award, I would not have been able to embark on an academic radiological career. The faith that the RCR and MRC put in me in awarding this fellowship enabled the start of my career in academic radiology and the first steps towards developing as an independent researcher.

    I have just been awarded a tenured post at a University, and have no doubt whatsoever that my career in academic imaging would not have progressed at all without the initial support this award afforded.” (2006 recipient)

  • Karol Sicher Cancer Research Fellowship

An audit report on the grants awarded under the above schemes between 2005-2015 is available.