Radiology research map

This interactive map is part of the RCR initiative to improve awareness of ongoing radiology research in UK institutions, and where it is being performed. Although the quantity of data is by necessity limited, it should help researchers identify who is engaged in active research both locally, and elsewhere. Links to personal websites are also included, where available, and should help those interested obtain further information.

Using the map is straightforward. Click on the label for an institution to bring up a box with basic details of researchers included. Clicking on a highlighted name will take you to the researcher’s personal website where further information may be available. In addition, on the left side of the map is a list of institutions that are included in the database. Clicking on the name of the institution will also bring up the appropriate text box, with the same links as described previously.

View Radiology Research Map UK 

The map will be updated regularly, as new information is provided. If you notice errors or exclusions, please email these to: