The Radiology Academic Network for Trainees (RADIANT)

The Radiology Academic Network for Trainees (RADIANT)

The next annual meeting will be held at the RCR offices on 29 April 2022:

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The Radiology Academic Network for Trainees (RADIANT) is a national trainee-led consortium, supported by the RCR and the NIHR, aiming to:

  • Increase trainee engagement in audit and research, including recruitment to National Institute of Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) portfolio studies

  • Increase trainee engagement in national and international scientific meetings

  • Involve trainees in publications

  • Improve research training for trainees

Launched in March 2019, RADIANT links regional trainee networks working together to deliver network projects including national snapshot audits, observational research studies and assist in recruitment to NIHR CRN portfolio studies.  

Trainees have the support of research-active consultants who provide guidance and mentorship.

There are annual meetings where audits and research projects are discussed, prioritised and selected for the year ahead. The first audit project was successfully completed and submitted to UKIO 2020. 

An annual report of activities is provided to the RCR CR Academic Committee.


  • Co-Chair: Nathan Chan (Norfolk and Norwich)  

  • Co-Chair: Anmol Gangi (Portsmouth)  

  • IT Officer: Zelei Yang (South Wales) 

  • Past Chair: Pete Brown (Leeds)

  • Communications Officer: Lara Jehanli (Mersey)

  • Events Officer: Tarini Ratneswaren (Cambridge)

  • Committee Member: Priya Rogers (Cambridge)

Regional Leads 

  • London: KCH - Nathan Chan; Archie Keeling; GSTT - Anum Parvez

  • East of England: Cambridge - Maria Pantelidou and Essex, Beds & Herts: Jake Ryan

  • Yorkshire and Humber: Sheffield: Yousef Shahin; 

  • Wales: Lilian Sandu

  • South West (Peninsula): Paul Jenkins

  • KSS: Surrey - Thomas Amies (consultant); Georgiana Zamfir; Sussex - Hannah Adams

  • East Midlands (Leicester): Arumugam Rajesh (consultant); Jia Ying Kuah

  • North East: Northern Deanery - Mat Elameer

  • North West: Mersey: Muhammad Khan

  • Thames Valley: Oxford - Andrew Murchison

  • Yorkshire and Humber: Hull and East Yorkshire - vacant

  • South West: Severn: Jonathan Rodrigues (consultant), Robert Foley (trainee)

  • West Midlands - south: Ajit Kishore; west: Inderbir Jassel

  • SE Scotland: Edinburgh - Tara Early 

  • North of Scotland: Jane Power

  • West of Scotland - Patrick Baker

Further information and contact details can be found on their website: