Guidance and advice

Research ‘Recipe Book’

From August 2012, radiology trainees were required to undertake a research activity as part of their training.  Research is recognised to be an important component of the curriculum.  The College has produced a ‘Research Recipe Book’, designed to be of assistance to trainees undertaking their research projects.  This resource will help guide a trainee through a research project from its inception to its conclusion.  The individual guides provide useful information with references to further details where required.  Trainees are not expected to undertake a whole project from start to finish but to participate in an existing project or to develop a hypothetical project.  The aim of this practical piece of work is to aid a deep understanding of a particular aspect of research methodology.

With thanks to the Academic Committee of the RCR for the production of these guides.

Advice for Radiologists

Management of Incidental Findings Detected During Research Imaging

  • A large group of interested bodies, including the RCR, the National Research Ethics Committee, other Royal Colleges, research imaging centres, patient groups, professional organisations and major research funding organisations met in July 2010 to debate the problem of incidental findings detected during imaging research and how these should be managed.
  • Management of Incidental Findings Detected During Research Imaging details the decisions and recommendations made at the meeting and in subsequent discussions.  It provides comprehensive background data on incidents, type, severity, approaches in other countries, summaries of discussions by other groups who have considered this problem and examples of information sheets used in some research centres.

Public and Patient Involvement

INVOLVE have produced an online resource which includes 10 briefing notes for researchers on how to involve members of the public in research.

e-Learning research resources for trainees

The ACF representative to the Academic Committee, Dr Karen Eley, has compiled a comprehensive list of e-learning resources for trainees undertaking research. 

Departmental CV 

The Academic Committee have produced a template for a 'Departmental CV' which may be useful for recording departmental research output and activity. 

The template can be downloaded here

ASM 2015 Workshop 'Undertaking Imaging Research in the NHS'

The following presentations were delivered at the workshop 'Undertaking Imaging Research in the NHS' which was held during the 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting. 

'Some challenges in the evaluation of medical tests' Professor Jon Deeks, Professor of Biostatistics, University of Birmingham 

'Research in NHS practice' Dr Julie Cox, Consultant Radiologist, City Hospitals Sunderland 

'Early detection of GBM progression using multi-modal MRI of the invasive margin: RCR Kodak Radiology Fund Scholarship 2011' Dr Kenji Yamamoto, Registrar in Clinical Radiology, Addenbrooke's Hospital