Guidance and advice

Research ‘Recipe Book’

From August 2012, radiology trainees were required to undertake a research activity as part of their training.  Research is recognised to be an important component of the curriculum.  The College has produced a ‘Research Recipe Book’, designed to be of assistance to trainees undertaking their research projects.  This resource will help guide a trainee through a research project from its inception to its conclusion.  The individual guides provide useful information with references to further details where required.  Trainees are not expected to undertake a whole project from start to finish but to participate in an existing project or to develop a hypothetical project.  The aim of this practical piece of work is to aid a deep understanding of a particular aspect of research methodology.

With thanks to the Academic Committee of the RCR for the production of these guides.

Departmental CV 

The Academic Committee have produced a template for a 'Departmental CV' which may be useful for recording departmental research output and activity. 

The template can be downloaded here

More useful resources can be found here