Clinical oncology curriculum

This curriculum defines the process of training and the competences needed for the successful completion of training in Clinical Oncology.  When followed as part of a prospectively approved training programme, it leads to the award of a certificate of completion of training (CCT) in Clinical Oncology.

Current clinical oncology curriculum

The College revised the curriculum in December 2016.

In summary, the curriculum changes from 2015 to 2016 are:

  • Addition of VMAT as an alternative to IMRT in relevant areas of curriculum, syllabus and underpinning scientific knowledge
  • Addition of  cancer related venothromboembolism (VTE) to oncology emergencies section of syllabus 
  • Changes to oncology emergencies section of syllabus to include the need to recognise when escalation of care to HDU/ITU is indicated - in metabolic disorders, organ failure, reduced conscious level
  • Changes to oncology emergencies sections of syllabus in respect of the management plan, to reflect the need to refer to other specialties if patients do not respond to treatment
  • A Quality Improvement Project and Audit Assessment Tool (QIPAT) has been introduced as a replacement for the current Audit Assessment (AA) tool to cover both clinical audit and QI projects
  • List of Anti-Cancer Drugs – First FRCR Examination – the list relating to the clinical pharmacology module of the First FRCR Examination has been amended.  There are two versions; one applies to examinations held from Spring 2017  and the other is further update published November 2018 which applies to examinations held from Autumn 2019.

All trainees should transfer to the relevant 2016 curriculum from their next ARCP after 1st February 2017. The changes and transition arrangements are described in full in the document above.

Previous versions of the Curriculum

All previous versions of the Specialty Training Curriculum can be found below:

Curriculum review and rewrite

Following introduction of the GMC's new standards for postgraduate curricula the College is rewriting the Clinical Oncology curriculum.  The curriculum review and rewrite page contains information on this process and will be updated as work progresses.