Service review

Invited service reviews
The Board of the Faculty of Clinical Oncology established the Service Review Group to assist The Royal College of Radiologists in responding appropriately and consistently to requests for reviews of oncology services where trusts or equivalent bodies across the UK were concerned about standards or performance issues at a service level. The Service Review Group’s aim is to review oncology services, independently and at the invitation of the trust Chief Executive, in the interests of maintaining high-quality oncology services for patients.

Dr Tom Roques, Medical Director Professional Practice Clinical Oncology, is the Chair of the Service Review Group.

There is a clear process for service reviews of clinical oncology services and service reviews will always focus on whole departments or services and is available upon request.

Important note
It is inappropriate to equate a function related to the review of a service with a requirement to assess an individual, and therefore revalidation and service reviews should be treated as entirely different activities.

Invited service reviews will not be used as a means of assessing the clinical competence of individuals or as a vehicle for employers to use when seeking to develop a remediation plan for individual doctors about whom they may have a concern. Where a trust has concerns about the performance of an individual, the RCR recommends the assistance of the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) or the General Medical Council (GMC) Employer Liaison Service.

All oncology service review enquiries should be directed to the Professional Services Team