Service delivery

Increasingly clinical oncologists require skills in management and service delivery to understand the complex issues involved in introducing new treatments, commissioning healthcare in relation to changing models of care and monitoring standards through peer review.The RCR provides a range of resources to support medical directors and non-oncologist managers/leaders as well as clinical directors and oncology managers by providing information on the current workforce status.  

National radiotherapy consent forms

The RCR has enhanced and extended its pioneering series of national radiotherapy consent forms.

Service review

Find out how commissioning an invited service review could support your service.

Partnership working

Multi-professional partnership in non-surgical cancer care is supported by several committees

Radiotherapy planning

Information on changes needed in clinical oncology working practices  to deliver effective radiotherapy

Structured reporting for cancer staging

Exploring the use of structured reporting for cancer staging

Using and understanding cancer data

Introductory guide to patient-level cancer data in the UK from a clinical perspective 

Postoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer: UK consensus statements

Stating the expected standards for breast radiotherapy across the UK

Radiotherapy Target Definition and Peer Review

Upcoming guidance providing minimum standards for volume definition and for peer review of contours

Developing a Business Case for recruitment of CO trainees

This document provides background information and data that can be incorporated into your local business case when applying for an increase in Clinical Oncology (CO) training places.