Apply for clinical oncology jobs

Information to help you prepare for job interviews

Preparing the perfect medical CV (BMJ Careers article 2011)
Article taking you through the steps you should take to ensure that your medical CV stands out for the right reasons.

Picard O, Wood D and Yuen S. Medical interviews: a comprehensive guide to CT, ST and registrar interview skills. London: ISC Medical, 2013
This book provides you with unique insight into the marking schemes and describes techniques to address the various types of questions. It contains examples and analyses of good and bad examples of answers, teaches you how to add depth to your answers and how to answer those difficult ethical scenarios and lateral thinking questions. 

Succeeding at consultant interview: how to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons (BMJ Careers article 2012) 
Article exploring the factors that you need to consider when preparing for and undergoing a consultant interview.