Specialty recruitment

Recruitment and selection into Clinical Oncology training posts across the whole of the UK is carried out through a nationally coordinated process run on behalf of the College by HEE London and South East (LaSE) Recruitment.  Two rounds are held each year, one in the Spring and one in the Autumn.  

Information on available posts can be found on the Oriel website once the application window is open. The Applicant Guide, which gives all the information candidates need can be downloaded from the Oriel website. Any enquires about the recruitment process should be sent through the applicant enquiries portal.

An overview of the process and timelines is below.

Clinical oncology training programmes

Every training programme in the UK has its own unique characteristics and strengths. When applying for a clinical oncology training post and deciding which posts to preference take some time to look at what each programme has to offer. You will find links to each programme's website information and to flyers with more information on the clinical oncology training programmes page.

Recruitment process

  • Applications are submitted as a single Unit of Application (UoA) using the ORIEL online recruitment system. 
  • Applicants preference their preferred deaneries on the application, excluding themselves from a geography or stating no preference. 
  • Longlisting is conducted by the LaSE team. 
  • Interviews will be remote and held over two days (one day in Round 2).
  • The offers process is managed by the LaSE team through Oriel. 

2022 Timelines

Round Two

Adverts: 16 November 2021
Application window: 10:00 am, 18 November to 16:00 pm 9 December 2021
Interviews: 24 and  25 March 2022
Initial offers released: By 17:00 pm 21 April 2022

Hold deadline: At 13:00 pm Tuesday 3 May 2022
Upgrade deadline: At 13:00 pm Wednesday 4 May 2022

Round Three

(the information below is indicative as the exact dates are to be confirmed)

Adverts: TBC (July)
Applications open: TBC (July) 
Applications close: TBC (August) 
The preferencing window opens: TBC (September)
Remote interviews: TBC (October) 
Offers released by: TBC 

Hold deadline: TBC (October)
Upgrade deadline: TBC (October)



All enquires about the recruitment process should be sent through the applicant enquiries portal. Please note, the College is not able to answer questions or resolve issues concerning specific applications. These must be sent through the LaSE portal.