The RCR is occasionally asked by external organisations to endorse or support their documents or policies. This sets out the criteria that will be applied in processing requests for endorsement or support.

The following are the broad categories for endorsement (all of which will involve approval of content and status by the Professional Support and Standards Board (PSSB) and Faculty Board in accordance with current policy).

RCR branding
Where the RCR has sole or joint control over the process and the outcomes, with formal approval by the PSSB and Faculty Board

RCR branding and endorsement
Category 1
Where the RCR is formally involved in another organisation’s project from the outset, with formal document approval by the PSSB and Faculty Board

Category 2
For a NICE quality standard where the RCR has been engaged in the process, the quality standard is appropriate to the strategic aims of the RCR and the quality standard has been formally approved by the PSSB and Faculty Board

RCR endorsement
Where material is developed by a reputable organisation, with specialty (but not formal RCR) involvement throughout, and approved retrospectively as warranting the same status as an RCR document.

RCR endorsed documents

RCR support
Where material is developed by a reputable organisation with or without specialty involvement has relevance to the mission and aims of the RCR and where the RCR wishes to publicly express a positive view but does not wish to endorse the publication (and so award it the same status as an RCR publication).

Sharing good practice
Where the RCR wishes to promote awareness about an initiative, information, advice or guidance developed by another organisation to stimulate discussion or encourage reflection on good practice, but does not wish to  express support for the work or attach its name to a document (for example, web listing with appropriate broad disclaimer).

For any queries regarding endorsement by The Royal College of Radiologists, please contact: publications@rcr.ac.uk