Undergraduate Education Innovation and Excellence Award



This award recognises and rewards innovation and excellence in undergraduate oncology education. The award is intended to reward medical students, junior doctors, clinical oncology trainees or consultants that have developed and implemented innovative projects in the field of undergraduate education.

Projects could include activities related to undergraduate societies, innovative teaching and learning methods aimed at undergraduates or any other activity related to the education of undergraduates in oncology.

Applicants are encouraged to be innovative in their projects. Projects that have potential national applications will be particularly highly evaluated.




UK medical students, junior doctors, clinical oncology trainees, and consultants

How to apply

Applications should be submitted by email to undergraduate@rcr.ac.uk by 17:00 pm on Friday 31 March 2023 and must include all of the following:

  • Name of society (if member/s of an undergraduate oncology society) 
  • Applicants full name, address, and medical school affiliation
  • A brief curriculum vitae
  • A letter of support from a member or Fellow of the RCR (trainees or consultants)
  • A detailed description of the project to include:
    • Background and purpose of the project (max. 200 words)
    • A detailed description of the teaching/educational project undertaken with specific consideration to the applicant's involvement in the project (max. 500 words)
    • Explanation and reflection on the outcome of the project (max. 500 words)
    • A summary of the applicant's future plans for the project (max. 200 words)

How applications will be assessed

Applications will be assessed and awarded by the RCR’s clinical oncology undergraduate committee. The following criteria will be considered:

  • Relevance to undergraduate education and oncology education
  • Excellence and sustainability of the project
  • Outcomes of the project
  • Possibility of national application

The successful applicant/s will be invited to present or record a talk about their work at/for the appropriate RCR meeting.

Enquiries should be directed to undergraduate@rcr.ac.uk

Presentation from our 2021 award winner

Dr Neethu Billy Graham Mariam, the recipient of the Clinical Oncology Undergraduate Education Innovation and Excellence Award 2021, discusses her project on 'Holistic, patient-centric oncology teaching: a novel resource for virtual platforms.'

This presentation was developed independently and the information provided in this video does not represent RCR guidance or endorsement.