Frank Doyle Medal


In 1984, Professor Frank Doyle generously endowed an award, which takes the form of a medal. In the Faculty of Clinical Oncology, this is awarded to outstanding candidates in the First FRCR Examination. The Medal is awarded by the Specialty Training Board based on the recommendation of the First FRCR Examiners. 

List of past winners

2022R Geary
2021M W Fenton
2020R Liu, K Y Wong
2019H Z D Lui, B W B Wo, H C Y Wong, S P Parikh, F J Wilson, T Young
2018M Heiba, M Swinton
2017P L Yip, S E M Raby
2016T H So, D H Brand
2015L Harihar
2014 C H J Chow, L J Forker 
2013S F Lee, R M A Wijekoon 
2012C Baldry, M Dillon 
2011Po Chung Chan, S S Ahmad
2010H Benghiat 
2009F Rahman, P D Dickinson 
2008K O Lam, R M Webster
2007C F Chisholm
2006K Shah
2005M R Button, D Cutter
2004R J D Prestwich, J S Tanguay
2003S J Treece, M A Ajaz
2002S H Low, F M A McDonald
2001M J Beresford, P Hatfield
2000C I Jacobs, J C Wadsley 
1999S J Brock 
1998S J Cleator, A Ahamad
1997G Mitchell, R Jyothirmayi
1996N Shah, L E S Loong
1995S M Galbraith, M Y Luk
1994none awarded
1993C P Cottrill, H Y H Yiu
1992J M Bord, A M Moody, D R Peake
1991J B P Barber
1990G Singh, A L Zietman, R A Huddart
1989N S Russell
1988C C Yau
1987none awarded
1986none awarded
1985J Glaholm
1984none awarded