Virtual regional visits

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new series of interactive virtual events – RCR Engage. It’s a new way for you to discuss the key issues you face as Fellows and members from around the world, to share your views and submit questions directly to the RCR Officers.

Thank you to everyone who joined one of our virtual regional visits in 2022.This year our Officers have enjoyed coming together and meeting our members around the world from both Faculties.

The sessions allowed us to give an overview of the RCR’s strategic priorities and their progress, as well as hearing directly from our members about the challenges you’ve faced, and the opportunity to share knowledge and best practice.

We are currently reviewing future opportunities to come together and will update this page as soon as possible with how you can be involved.

It is important to the RCR to continue to work with our members and we hope you will be able to join us at our next event soon.


Programme for 2022 (up to 17 June 2022)

  • An introduction by the President
  • Breakout sessions for each Faculty led by the Vice-Presidents - this will include an update on Faculty-specific issues as well as offer you an opportunity to ask questions on Faculty-related issues
  • An overview of RCR's strategic priorities and their progress - led by the President
  • Open Q&A

    "It was wonderful to hear about the work done by the College. Sometimes one feels quite dissociated but such events help to cultivate the integration with the College and its activities."

     Regions visited in 2022

    • West Midlands (8.00 GMT on 4 February)
    • North West (17.30 GMT on 10 February)
    • Scotland (17.00 GMT on 24 February)
    • South East (8.00 GMT on 25 February)
    • Yorks and the Humber (17.30 GMT on 17 March)
    • Wales (8.00 GMT on 18 March)
    • East Midlands (17.30 BST on 31 March)
    • East of England (8.00 BST on 1 April)
    • SWP (17.00 BST on 7 April)
    • Northern Ireland (8.00 BST on 8 April)
    • Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore (8.00 BST on 22 April)
    • North East England (17.30 BST on 5 May)
    • India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (8.00 BST on 13 May)
    • Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE (17.30 BST on 9 June)
    • London (8.00 BST on 17 June)
    Dr Jeanette Dickson presenting to the Southampton regional visit group
    Dr Jeanette Dickson, Southampton regional visit