Role description - DDMFR Examiner

Diploma in Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology (DDMFR) Examiner

Title: DDMFR Examiner

We are seeking to recruit: 

  • Dental radiologists
  • Medical physicists

Applications will close on 14 May

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Responsible to: DDMFR Examination Board

Term of office: The term of office for examiners is normally six years, with an annual option to extend for a further year for a maximum of three years. Examiners are expected to remain in office for the duration of their term.

The term of office for the Chair is normally four years, with an option to extend for up to a further three years.

The acquisition of the DDMFR examination is a requirement for satisfactory completion of specialist training in dental and maxillofacial radiology. It examines candidates on all aspects of dental and maxillofacial radiology against the curriculum; the Part A examination also addresses the basic sciences of physics, anatomy and techniques.

The DDMFR Examination Board writes questions, sources images, moderates and classifies material, selects content for individual sittings, identifies passing standards and evaluates candidate performance. Every Board also reviews the performance of individual questions, and patterns of examination performance overall, and makes recommendations on changes to structure and content where appropriate.

The DDMFR Examination Board is responsible for ensuring that the DDMFR examination provides an appropriate assessment of the knowledge, skills and some of the behaviours required to complete dental and maxillofacial radiology specialist training undertaken within UK training programmes approved by The Royal College of Radiologists and the Speciality Advisory Committee for the Additional Dental Specialties (SACADS).

The Board coordinates the sourcing, moderation and classification of questions/images for the examination, and selecting questions/images for each sitting.

The DDMFR Examination Board reports to the Specialty Training Board and will have tasks delegated to it by that Board.

Working Practices

The Board meets once a year, typically in November, for a full day combining examination Board business in the morning and question setting in the afternoon.

Role Tasks

  • Conducting the film viewing sessions and oral examinations
  • Marking all examinations
  • Selecting cases to make up reporting examinations
  • Reviewing the performance of individual examinations to ensure that they meet the standards expected, identifying any shortcomings and making recommendations for the future

DDMFR Examiner Role Description

  • Reviewing the pattern of performance of the examination over time to ensure standards are maintained and identifying areas for improvement
  • Developing the examination to ensure that it remains relevant to the curriculum and to clinical practice
  • Gathering, preparing and categorising images to be used as the basis for film viewing sessions, and oral and reporting questions, ensuring that they are based on the approved curriculum

Person specification

Knowledge and qualifications

Members of the DDMFR Examination Board must be:

  • Members of the RCR
  • Consultants practicing in the UK
  • Have experience as an educational or clinical supervisor for a radiology trainee
  • Prepared to undertake training in the examination procedures of the RCR
  • Able to demonstrate that they have undergone appropriate equality and diversity training and are willing to abide by good practice in these areas
  • Able to devote time to question setting, preparing for examining, examining candidates, standard setting and attending Board and other examination-related meetings
  • Attend an induction day prior to joining the Board


  • Examiners are expected to have held a substantive consultant dental radiologist or medical radiologist post for at least five years prior to appointment, and to remain in employment (or continue to hold a licence to practise) for the duration of their term of office as an examiner
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate involvement in the teaching, training and assessment of trainees
  • It is essential to have experience of head and neck radiology.

Personal qualities

  • Commitment to the aims and charitable objectives of the College
  • Commitment to equality and valuing diversity and understanding of how this applies to delivery of own area of work


  • Must be supported by two Members of the College, each of who has held a substantive UK consultant dental radiologist or medical radiologist post for at least three years
  • The College strives for membership of the Board to be as representative as possible of the distribution of UK schemes