Radiotherapy target volume definition and peer review – RCR guidance

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Target volume definition (contouring) requires an assessment of clinical information and imaging to know the location of the primary tumour (or where it was in the case of postoperative treatment); an understanding of the possible routes of microscopic spread; and an appreciation of potential errors in patient set-up. The uncertainties involved in this complex decision-making process mean that the clinical oncologist must use expert judgment to consider the potential benefits and possible harms of treatment for each individual case. An increasing body of evidence supports the benefits of clinician-to-clinician peer review in improving contouring. The recommendations in this document provide a practical framework of formative support for all clinicians involved in radiotherapy planning, regardless of their professional group.

We published two articles relating to peer review of radiotherapy outlining in our Summer 2017 Newsletter. You can read an article from the lead author of this publication, Dr Tom Roques, looking at the benefits of peer review in radiotherapy outlining and one from Dr Petra Jankowska, a Consultant Clinical Oncologist in Taunton, about how they have managed to implement peer review in a rural hospital.