Image-guided ablation, Second edition

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This publication is intended to inform radiologists, oncologists, all members of the medical profession involved in the care of patients with cancer, hospital trusts, commissioners of healthcare, strategic health authorities and government departments about the current status of a rapidly developing, minimally invasive cancer therapy, image-guided ablation (IGA), which includes radiofrequency ablation (RFA), microwave ablation, and image-guided cryoablation. The demand for these cancer therapies is currently outstripping our ability to deliver them in a timely fashion, and there is concern that many patients undergo unnecessary surgery because of such issues.

This document will provide an overview of the requirements for the provision of an ablative service, including patient referral base, teamworking, equipment, staff, time, training, facilities, outpatient and inpatient requirements, follow-up, patient information leaflets, research and audit.