Guide to job planning in clinical oncology, third edition

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Please note: the fourth edition of this guidance is currently under development.

Annual job planning has become an established aspect of consultants' working lives. Due to the rapidly evolving evidence base in the management of malignancy, combined with significant changes in working practices due to the increased use of skill mix, it was felt that this updated guidance would be timely.

In August 2017 the College produced an additional document to this guidance: Appendix to Guide to job planning in clinical oncology, third edition: supporting research activities
Many consultants have described difficulties in continuing research activities alongside their service commitments and this additional guidance is intended to provide a justification framework to support research active oncologists’ discussions with their employers.

This appendix has been approved by the Clinical Oncology Professional Support and Standards Board (May 2017) and the Clinical Oncology Faculty Board (June 2017).