Focused ultrasound training standards

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The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) wishes to ensure that patients have access to high-quality ultrasound imaging in a timely fashion that facilitates the appropriate management of their care.

Although the traditional model of clinicians referring patients to an ultrasound service provided by radiologists and trained ultrasonographers remains the main route of diagnostic practice, there are times when the patient may be best served by a more direct approach.

This is particularly true in the emergency situation but also as an aid to some focused treatments. In this situation, it is essential that the clinician using ultrasound has appropriate training tailored to their specific needs.

This document has been produced to address the training needs in a number of the more common areas where this practice has developed. By adopting the recommendations in this document, those involved in ultrasound training can ensure that wherever ultrasound is performed, the patient receives the best possible service.