UK clinical oncology members and fellows poll on assisted dying

Thursday 21 March 2019

Our assisted dying survey ran from 5 February to 28 February 2019. The aim of the survey was to gather insights into the views of our clinical oncology Fellows and members on the complex subject of assisted dying. The RCR has received a number of enquiries about this issue in the past three years and has not sought opinions on this matter since 2006. With a clearer understanding of their views, the RCR will be better placed to support and represent our members and Fellows going forward.

Please see our poll summary report for full results and analysis.

The results of this survey show that opinion varies across the faculty of clinical oncology, as would be expected. We do not intend to hold an official faculty of clinical oncology position on assisted dying, but will make these results available publicly. We will ensure that we support all our members, irrespective of their viewpoint, should a change in the law occur.