Results of the Clinical Excellence Awards 2017 round

Friday 12 January 2018

The results of the Clinical Excellence awards have been announced.

Twelve clinical radiologists and three clinical oncologists have been awarded with either bronze, silver or gold awards this round. Congratulations to our successful Fellows!

Clinical radiology


Dr Raman Uberoi


Dr Gina Brown
Dr John Curtis
Professor Ashley Groves
Dr Malcolm Johnston
Dr Jonathan Richenberg
Dr Nicholas Screaton
Dr Teik Choon See


Dr Nicholas Carroll
Dr Fahmid Chowdhury
Dr Stephen Connor
Dr Samanjit Hare

Clinical oncology


Dr Ananya Choudhury
Dr Sarah Jefferies
Dr Graham Smith

The 2018 round for clinical excellence awards opens on Tuesday 13 February. Once more the College will provide a citation for any Fellow requesting one to accompany their application.

Further information will be made available when the round opens.