Problems in emailing the College

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Problems in emailing the College
If you have been trying to contact the College in the last week using an NHS email address, it is very likely that your email was not delivered to us and you will eventually have received a bounce-back message. The College apologises for the inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, this was outside our control and due to a decision taken by NHS email services. This took longer than hoped to resolve. NHS origin emails are now reaching us again. As far as we know all other incoming emails were unaffected.
Because emails were not delivered for several days, it is unlikely that systems will automatically try to resend your message. This means you having to re-send your message to us. If you have sent in a nomination, an application, enquiry or request to us and you have not heard from us when you might have expected to do so, please resubmit or call us on + 44 20 7405 1282.

The following opportunities were open last week or remain open:

  • Nominations for elected vacancies on Council and the Faculty Boards which closed at noon on 7 April. If you submitted a nomination form by email which should in normal circumstances have reached us by the deadline and you have not heard from us, please could you resend it to when it was originally sent or speak to Sara Townsend on + 44 20 7406 5957 before noon on Friday 22 April.
  • Less than Full-Time Training and Working Adviser - extended to 17:00 Friday 15 April
  • Clinical Radiology Specialty Training Board members - extended to 17:00 Friday 15 April
  • Clinical Oncology Specialty Training Board members - extended to 17:00 Friday 15 April
  • Clinical Radiology Professional Learning and Development Sub-Committee members - if your application to join the Sub-Committee was sent on or afterWednesday 6 April, please resend to to ensure your application is considered.  
  • Clinical excellence award citation requests - the closing date for applications for a citation is noon on Thursday 14 April. If you submitted your applications by email and have not heard from us then please resubmit them to or or speak to Jane Lawrence on + 44 20 7406 5940.

Once again, the College is sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and is endeavouring to put in place measures to prevent it happening again.