NHSE expands ‘at risk’ lung screening programme

Friday 8 February 2019

The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has welcomed today’s announcement that NHS England (NHSE) will invest £70m in rolling out targeted lung screening across 10 areas in England, following successful pilots in Liverpool and Manchester. 

The scheme will see ‘at risk’ patients invited for computed tomography scans, either at mobile units or in hospital clinics. 

RCR President Dr Nicola Strickland said: 

“We very much welcome news that NHSE will expand lung screening for ‘at risk’ patients, rolling out to 10 areas over the next four years. We know this targeted screening can make a real difference in catching cancer and other conditions early, as seen in the initial pilots in Liverpool and Manchester.

“All of these screening sites will need to be appropriately staffed by radiologists and radiographers, and good IT will be crucial. This staged expansion will provide health bosses and clinicians with real-world evidence around how and if a routine national lung screening programme could be implemented in future. We look forward to discovering more about how they can be staffed to enable them to work in practice.”