Consultations for comment

The RCR invites comments from Fellows and members when preparing responses to major consultation documents issued by other organisations. If you would like the College to know your views on any proposals subject to consultation at any time then please send them to or alternatively email

Current consultations

The RCR is coordinating a response to the NICE proposed amendments to the Technology Appraisal process. As you may know, we receive and send out several Technology Appraisals each week, and increased demand on NICE means that the current appraisal process will be unable to cope with the number of appraisals the Institute will be asked to undertake within the next two years. Therefore NICE is proposing amendments to the TA process to enable more topics to be processed through the current four appraisal committees.
This is a good opportunity for the RCR to shape the way Technology Appraisals are presented and shared, therefore we welcome and encourage as many thoughts as possible on the proposed amendments.

The RCR will also be responding to the NHS consultation on radiotherapy services. We have responded to previous consultations on this matter and our comments have shaped subsequent iterations, so there is real value in giving your opinion on the future of radiotherapy.

Please share the consultation documents around and send all responses to Amy Grant (Policy and Engagement Trainee) as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and help.