Consultations for comment

We invite comments from Fellows and members when preparing responses to major consultation documents issued by other organisations. 

Current consultations

GMC Decision-making and consent - Supporting patient choices about health and care 

The GMC is currently consulting on its revised Decision-making and consent guidance, which sets out what doctors should consider and record when discussing treatment and care with patients.

The College will be submitting a response to this review. To help inform our response, please review the consultation documents listed below and send your comments to us so that we can reflect the views of our Fellows and members. We would like to ensure that the final guidance is in the best interests of both RCR specialities and their patients.

They want to hear directly from doctors who will use it day in, day out. The proposed revised GMC guidance focuses on doctors and patients making decisions together, emphasising the importance of communication and personalised conversations. It includes specific advice and has been restructured to make it clearer and easier for doctors to apply in practice. The revisions also reflect the law, policy and healthcare settings across the UK. Consent is at the heart of the doctor-patient relationship, and getting it right is fundamental to good medical practice.

Consultation documents

  1. Draft guidance for consultation 
  2. Infographic on research which has informed the revised guidance
  3. Questionnaire

If you would prefer, you may wish to focus your comments to address the below questions:

  • What are your general opinions of this guidance? (Positive/Negative)
  • Are you concerned about the impact the provisions of this guidance may have on your workload (e.g. the emphasis on recording and reviewing discussions)? (Yes No/Unsure)
  • Do you think that this type of prescriptive guidance helps or hinders your ability to best interact with your patients? (Helps/Hinders – please outline why?)
  • Any additional comments

Deadline for comments: Thursday 17 January 2019

Please send your comments to