International Committee

The International Committee is chaired by Dr Andy Beale, our Treasurer-Medical Director, Membership and Business. Membership of the Committee is cross-faculty and comprises the President, Treasurer and Vice-Presidents from both Faculties along with up to eight elected Fellows and members.


The committee members' duties are to review and develop the College’s international web pages. The committee also identifies international projects and activities being run or developed by others, where the RCR could contribute by way of materials, advice or teaching/training through our Fellows and members. Finally, the committee assists in generating interest and involvement in the College international activity so there is a growing and sustainable cohort of volunteer Fellows and members who can offer expertise from the College’s two Faculties to relevant international projects.

The International Committee is accountable to the Joint Officers’ Group and is to submit an annual report on its work to the Joint Officers’ Group.

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Ex Officio

  • Dr H Tharmalingam

Committee member

  • Dr J Barrett
  • Dr J Kasznia-Brown
  • Dr M Khan
  • Dr P Lewis
  • Dr R Mansour
  • Dr A Elzein Mohamed
  • Dr H O'Brien
  • Professor H Robertson
  • Dr K Yeoh

Overall purpose

The Committee co-ordinates philanthropic international activity of the College across both Faculties. 

Terms of reference

1. Support and contribute to an RCR web-based International Forum.
2. Act as the conduit with international agencies, funding bodies and others for the RCR so as to identify opportunities to assist in/contribute to current or proposed programmes of work.
3. Act as the conduit between the RCR and any cross-College groups that are established from time to time such as by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.
4. Encourage those groups in the RCR that oversee and allocate funds for overseas activity to do so such that agreed funded activity is carried out in conjunction with established or new programmes of international work to make the greatest impact of such activity in support of health system strengthening.
5. Agree and periodically review arrangements for the award of appropriate bursaries, Fellowships.
6. Develop and maintain RCR website resources so as to link and co-ordinate Fellows and members undertaking international activity or wishing to do so to join with others to make the greatest impact of such activity.


7. The Committee will comprise:
  • Two UK Fellows, up to two UK members (pre-FRCR) and one overseas member/Fellow from each Faculty appointed by the Chair of the Committee and the Vice-President and a Council member from the appropriate Faculty after open advertisement.
  • The President, Medical Director, Membership and Business, Vice-President, Clinical Oncology and Vice-President Clinical Radiology ex-officio.

8. All Fellows and members appointed will in good standing with the RCR.

9. The appointed Fellows will serve three years and the appointed members in training will serve two years.

10. The Chair will determine if it is appropriate to invite an appointed member to serve for a further period following the initial term of office so as to balance continuity of membership, retention of skills or experience and appropriate turnover of membership. An appointed member may only serve for a maximum of four years and an appointed Fellow may only serve for a maximum of five years in total on a continuous basis. Any appointed Fellow or member will not be eligible to reapply until a period of one year has elapsed.



11. The President will nominate a serving Officer to chair the Committee. The Officer appointed will normally serve as Chair of the Committee for the duration of his or her term of office.

12. The duties of the Chair include: 

  • Chairing all meetings
  • Ensuring that the purpose and terms of reference are observed
  • Engaging all members of the Committee in the work being done
  • Acting as media spokesperson for the College in respect of matters within the remit of the Committee at the request of the President.


13. There will be two meetings of the Committee in each College year normally held in April and November.
14. Meetings may be held by virtual means/remote attendance and it is expected that one of the two meetings would be held by remote attendance.
15. Committee members may be called upon to consider or determine matters electronically between meetings and are expected to contribute to such considerations or decisions as part of their duties as Committee members. 
16. Committee members will not speak on or behalf of the College unless authorised to do so.
17. Committee members will abide by any stated or implied confidentiality that attaches to the work of the Committee during or after any period of membership.
18. Committee members will comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation as regards processing of any personal data where it is made available to them as part of their work.
19. At meetings of the Committee, four members including one Officer eligible to attend shall form a quorum.
August 2018