Lay Member Network


The RCR benefits greatly from the input of non-doctors to its work. The lay members on our boards and committees bring expertise and experience from other fields to the work of to the RCR. Their contributions provide a vital non-doctor perspective to decision-making and is one way the RCR fulfils its public benefit remit. 

Lay members occupy roles on:

  • Council (the RCR’s trustee board): being a critical friend to the trustees of the RCR
  • Faculty boards: offering a non-doctor view on the major issues and policies for each specialty
  • Specialty training: bringing experience on professional education
  • Finance and Investment Committee: bringing experience and expertise on effective financial governance and risk management
  • Offering a lay/consumer view on standards and guidance for practice.

Each lay member role has a role description which sets out what is expected of them, the work to be done, the tenure and so forth.

Lay members at the RCR are automatically part of the Lay Member Network (LMN), which brings together all lay people involved in work of the RCR. Twice a year the LMN comes together for extended meetings, which typically include presentations on wide-ranging topics, usually affecting both our specialties or medicine and healthcare more generally. There will also be an update on current RCR business and issues and the chance to discuss other, wider topics. Meetings are chaired by the President (or a Vice-President) and attended by the Vice-Presidents and RCR staff members. The meetings provide a valuable opportunity for lay members to connect and network.

Committee member

  • Miss M Auchterlonie
  • Mr Beckerleg
  • Ms L Briggs
  • Mr Carter
  • Mr C Flint
  • Ms J Frew
  • Ms Godsell
  • Mr T Jones
  • Mr R Kemp
  • Ms Macdougall
  • Ms J Ord
  • Ms R Randhawa
  • Dr C Seddon
  • Mr Treddinick-Rowe