Structured Radiological Reports in Prevalent Disorders

Wednesday 4 September 2019 to Friday 6 September 2019
C/Marina 16-18, 21st floor, Barcelona, 08005


This fellowship will cover specific topics that are relatively prevalent in our daily practice, and in which the role of cross-sectional imaging plays an essential role not only for the diagnosis but also in the management of the patients.

Selected topics will first be presented in a lecture format, followed by representative cases mixed with other neuroradiology cases - participants will review the images, first by themselves and then together with the mentor and the group.

Learning objectives

To be familiar with the topography and patterns of brain infarcts, and to understand the role of cross-sectional imaging to suggest their most likely causative mechanism

To be familiar with the different scales commonly used in clinical practice to define structural brain changes in normal aging and in common neurodegenerative disorders

To understand the physiology of CSF, and be familiar with the pathophysiology and imaging features of adult hydrocephalus

Programme will include

Lectures on:

“Topography and mechanism of brain infarction”

“CSF physiology and hydrocephalus”

“Semiquantitative assessment of brain MRI studies in aging and neurodegenerative diseases”

Individual reporting with supervision of Mentor

Group case discussion of the reported cases


Level II - General radiologist

This fellowship is designed for general radiologists with some experience in reporting neuroradiology cases, or wishing to embark on a subspecialized path. Some basic knowledge on conventional MRI techniques, and on brain MRI interpretation is required.

Contact details

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