Prostate Cancer MRI Fellowship

Monday 11 November 2019 to Friday 15 November 2019
C/Marina 16-18, 21st floor, Torre Mapfre, Barcelona, 08005


The program covers all the main topics related to MRI of prostate cancer and provides basic and early advanced knowledge. Radiologists (to-be) who would like to become more confident on reporting prostate MRI will find the fellowship useful.

The Prostate MRI fellowship that TMC academy offers includes an overview of the main indications to perform MRI of the prostate: Diagnosis (PI-RAD), staging (local and sytemic), follow up (post-treatment and active surveillance) . Each module starts with a lecture. You will be challenged with an examination and after the lecture we continue with individual case readings from the TMC academy teaching file. Finally, each module ends with a common reading session of the cases using reporting templates to help you navigate and write adequate reports.

Participation in this fellowship with a small group of radiologists ensures a personal learning environment where you will enhance and strengthen your own and each other’s knowledge in structured Prostate MRI reading. If the fellowship has been successful it has provided you with knowledge that can help you address your normal clinical challenges, as well as future pursuits. At the end of the program you will be able to identify and report on Prostate cancer MRI in daily practice without difficulty.

Learning objectives

- Upgrade your knowledge by immersion in a learning environment without distraction of daily practice to read prostate MRI and whole body MRI

- Become familiar and feel confident with basic and early advanced MRI of prostate cancer as encountered in daily practice

- Discriminate common variants from pathology to avoid pitfalls

- Learn to construct an adequate report through structured reporting

Programme will include

- Lectures on reading prostate MRI for diagnosis (PI-RADS), staging (including whole body MRI), follow up after treatment and active surveillance with quiz cases

- Individual reporting on provided cases with supervision of mentor

- Group case discussion of the reported cases

- Daily examination


Level III - Subspecialisation trainingRadiologists with little or with early advanced knowledge in prostate cancer MRI will benefit most from the fellowship.

Contact details

For any queries relating to this event please contact:

TMC Academy
C/Marina 16-18, 21st floor
Torre Mapfre
08005 Barcelona Barcelona