MRI in the diagnosis and monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis II

Monday 7 October 2019 to Monday 4 November 2019
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Brain and spinal cord MRI are recognised as the most important paraclinical tools for the diagnosis of MS. However, the role of MR imaging in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) goes far beyond the diagnostic process and differential diagnosis. MR imaging can also provide useful prognostic information in terms of long term disability prediction. Moreover, with the introduction of the new generation of immunomodulatory drugs for the treatment of MS, MRI also plays an important role in treatment monitoring. This includes the prediction of treatment response, the assessment of treatment efficacy and treatment safety. This course will present an update on the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of MS and other demyelinating diseases, in the application of diagnostic criteria of MS, and on the value of MRI for monitoring and predicting treatment response. All this information should help radiologists in the standardisation and optimisation of the use of MR imaging in the management of MS in clinical practice.

This mini course will include: • Lectures on different aspects of the role of MRI (brain and spinal cord) in the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple sclerosis• Individual reporting with mentoring liaison on an interactive session• Group case discussion of the reported cases

The maximum number of participants on the Online Mini Fellowship will be 20 fellows.

***Effort: 9-10 hour per week

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