Masterclass in Oncological Whole Body MRI

Friday 1 May 2020
Imparando, 56 Commercial Road, London, E1 1LP
CPD Points: 

This Masterclass is a one-day work-station based teaching course, which will highlight the application of WB-MRI in cancer. This course is designed for radiologists interested to learn the daily application of WB-MRI in clinical practice.

With modules on disease screening, myeloma, breast and prostate cancers, attendees will become familiar with the emerging roles of the technique for cancer management. Our expert teachers have extensive clinical experience of WB-MRI, will provide image interpretation guidance, as well as showing benefits forboth precision health and oncology.


Learning objectives

- To learn how to perform and read WB-MRI scans for disease detection and response assessments.

- To understand how WB-MRI can help maintain health by early disease detection and disease characterisation.

- To discuss guidelines and benefits of WB-MRI in multiple myeloma.

- To discuss benefits of WB-MRI in prostate and breast cancer assessments compared to conventional imaging and PET/CT techniques.


Key Features

- Mentored case-based learning of 35 – 40 cases

- Each case chosen to illustrate specific learning points

- Detailed workbook and course material to take home

Contact details

For any queries relating to this event please contact:

Louise Mustoe
41 Waddington Way
SE19 3UB
United Kingdom