Masterclass in Imaging of Prostate Cancer *2nd edition

Friday 8 November 2019
Imparando, 56 Commercial Road,, London, E1 1LP
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Learning objectives for this course:

To understand the prostate patient’s journey from suspected cancer to the advanced disease state using the framework of definable clinical states.

To know in detail the pathologic states, problems of categorisation and clinical needs of patients in each clinical state in the prostate cancer pathway.

To understand how imaging can help meet clinical priorities and so promote the personalisation of care in the advancing prostate cancer pathway.

To show how next generation prostate imaging (multiparametric MRI & MR-directed biopsies) and whole body assessments (whole body MRI & PET/CT) with clinical biomarkers, create opportunities to support and refine management pathways of patients.





Prof. Jurgen J. Fütterer, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen

Dr Tristan Barrett, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, University of Cambridge

Dr. Giuseppe Petralia, European Institute of Oncology, Milan

Prof. Anwar Padhani, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, London

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Louise Mustoe
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