2nd Annual Breast Cancer Trainees Research Collaborative Group Meeting

Friday 13 September 2019
Institute of Cancer Research, Fulham Road, London, SW3 6JB

Dear Trainee

We are looking for trainees in oncology and radiology as well as surgery and pathology* to join our multi-disciplinary collaborative to conduct trainee-led breast cancer research across the UK. New and existing projects will be developed and run by trainees with guidance from mentors from the NCRI Breast Clinical Studies Group (CSG).  The overall aim of this programme is to help trainees to develop and participate in high quality research projects under the close supervision of experienced researchers.  We anticipate that this will provide new opportunities for trainees to develop research and leadership skills, to network with colleagues in other deaneries and specialities, and to become authors on high quality papers whilst also fulfilling their training requirements in audit and research activities.


The 2nd annual meeting is being held on Friday 13th September 2019 at the Institute of Cancer Research, Fulham Road, London. This will consist of educational talks on various aspects of clinical research, updates on existing projects and a “Dragons’ Den” session in the afternoon where trainees will be able to pitch their own research ideas to a team from the breast CSG. The afternoon will be run as an interactive session in which trainees will work together in groups to start developing the most promising research ideas. 


Please get involved!  Registration is free and travel costs will be fully reimbursed.  


To register for this free event please go to: 




Mr Adam Heetun, Dr Vinton Cheng, Dr Tim Robinson

Breast Cancer Trainee Research Collaborative Group


*Clinical fellows, staff grades, associate specialists and junior consultants will all be most welcome as well as specialist trainees



Contact details

For any queries relating to this event please contact:

Adam Heetun (Secretary to Breast Cancer Trainee Research Collaborative Group)
University of Southampton
Southampton General Hospital, Tremona Road
SO16 6YD
United Kingdom