12th IDKD Intensive Course in Greece

Friday 27 September 2019 to Sunday 29 September 2019
Hotel Divani Apollon, 10 Ag. Nikolaou & Iliou Str., Athens, 166 71
CPD Points: 

This IDKD Course offers 14 workshops lasting 75 minutes, which are held by top radiology experts in groups of 50-60 students. 

Target Audience: 

- Radiologists / Nuclear Physicians

- Radiology / Nuclear Medicine residents and fellows

- Interested clinicians

- Radiology technicians with advanced competences / interests

Course Objectives: 

1. Teach the participants effective approaches in analysing diagnostic imaging challenges in patients with diseases of the abdomen and pelvis

2. Allow the participants to recognize key imaging features of various diseases through guided self study

3. Teach the participants the most effective imaging examination in various types of settings

4. Offer participants to interact with top international experts in the fields of imaging of diseases of the abdomen and pelvis 

European CME credits have been applied for and will be announced on the web at www.idkd.org

Contact details

For any queries relating to this event please contact:

Maria Tsiplakova Voegeli
Foundation for the Advancement of Educaiton in Medical Radiology
c/o CompTax
8304 Wallisellen