Senior Leadership Team


Ex Officio

  • Mr D Botha (Executive Director, Business and Resources)
  • Dr R Cooper (Medical Director, Education and Training, CO)
  • Dr J Dickson (President)
  • Dr J Elford (Medical Director, Membership and Business)
  • Dr S Harden (Medical Director, Education and Training, CR)
  • Ms G Malley (Executive Director, Communications)
  • Dr W Ramsden (Vice President, Clinical Radiology)
  • Mr O Reichardt (Chief Executive)
  • Dr H Tharmalingam (Vice-President, Clinical Oncology)
  • Dr N Thorp (Medical Director, Professional Practice, Clinical Oncology)
  • Dr R Uberoi (Medical Director, Professional Practice, Clinical Radiology)
  • Ms T Vanburen (Executive Director, Professional Practice)


  • Dr K Halliday (President-Elect)
  • Dr T Roques (Vice President-Elect, Clinical Oncology)
  • Dr S Suresh (Medical Director-Elect, Education and Training, Clinical Radiology)