RCR Talks

Our twice-yearly public lectures given by experts in their fields provide an educational and fascinating insight into the latest developments in clinical radiology and clinical oncology, and the impact these have, or will have, on patients. The lectures are free to attend in person but are also broadcast live and recorded for viewing online. 

Our next public lecture will be on 20 June 2019.

Previous lectures available online

  • Imaging the heart: the new frontier, Dr Deepa Gopalan, November 2018 View the lecture
  • Proton beam therapy – fact, fiction and the new NHS service, Dr Ed Smith, June 2018 View the lecture
  • Emergency radiology – the inside story, Dr Elizabeth Dick and Dr Philip Coates, November 2017 View the lecture
  • Modern radiotherapy – minimises toxicity, maximises cures Professor Peter Hoskin, June 2017 View the lecture
  • How diagnostic imaging has improved outcomes for cancer patients, Professor Andrea Rockall, November 2016 View the lecture
  • The changing cancer story – living with and beyond cancer, Professor Jane Maher, June 2016 View the lecture
  • Shades of grey: image perception and performance in radiology, Professor Andoni Toms, November 2015 View the lecture
  • From Radium to radium, Professor Nick Reed, June 2015 View the lecture  
  • Cancer research: improving radiotherapy outcomes for patients, Professor David Sebag-Montefiore, June 2014 View the lecture
  • Radiology 20/20 vision: will science fiction become reality? Dr Richard Fowler, November 2013 View the lecture.
  • Being positive: protons in modern radiotherapy, Dr Adrian Crellin, June 2013 View the lecture
  • Radiation and smart drugs: homing in on cancer’s Achilles' heel, Dr Kevin Harrington, June 2012  View the lecture  

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Dr Deepa Gopalan
Imaging the heart: the new frontier

Dr Deepa Gopalan explores how new imaging technologies are revealing fascinating insights into the functions and structure of the heart