RCR Talks

Our programme of talks exists to educate and inform the public about the medical specialties of clinical radiology and clinical oncology. 

Delivered by experts in their field, RCR Talks aim to foster an appreciation of the role the specialties play in healthcare today, and provide insights into the latest innovations taking place for the future.

For further information about the RCR Talks please email RCR_Talks@rcr.ac.uk

RCR Talks available online

    RCR Talks

    Watch our lecture and Q&A with Dr Sam Hare on the role of imaging in the fight against COVID-19

    Unmasking the true face of COVID-19 through clinical imaging

    Led by Dr Sam Hare, consultant chest radiologist and National Specialty Advisor for Imaging for NHS England and Improvement

    Sports imaging: past, present and future

    Dr Philip Robinson and Dr Andrew Murray explore the essential role imaging professionals play in the diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries

    Targeting cancer through new radiotherapy-drug combinations

    Professor Anthony Chalmers explores how new, targeted radiotherapy-drug combinations have the potential to increase cure rates in patients with difficult-to-treat cancers

    Imaging the heart: the new frontier

    Dr Deepa Gopalan explores how new imaging technologies are revealing fascinating insights into the functions and structure of the heart

    Proton beam therapy – fact, fiction and the new NHS service

    Dr Ed Smith discusses the clinical benefits of proton beam therapy

    Emergency radiology: the inside story

    Dr Elizabeth Dick and Dr Philip Coates walk through a typical Friday night in a hospital

    Modern radiotherapy – minimises toxicity, maximises cures

    Professor Peter Hoskin discusses how radiotherapy is delivered

    How diagnostic imaging has improved outcomes for cancer patients

    Professor Andrea Rockall asks whether cancer outcomes can be improved by imaging modalities

    How the cancer story is changing

    Professor Jane Maher describes how the story of cancer is changing

    Shades of grey: image perception and performance in radiology

    Professor Andoni Toms examines the mental performance and perception of radiologists

    From radium to radium

    Professor Nick Reed gives an overview of the history of medical radionuclides in the treatment of cancers