Exciting learning and development opportunities

At The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR), we value learning and development in the workplace. Not only do we offer all our staff a variety of opportunities to learn and develop new skills, but our staff are also encouraged to reflect on what their needs are to allow us all to consistently deliver great work and to stretch and challenge ourselves every day. 

We recognise that at any stage of your career having access to resources to help your development is important to help you grow in confidence and enhance your skillset. 

We also know that not everyone learns in the same way, which is why we provide a range of learning resources, including job specific training and peer to peer learning. 

Job specific training 

Throughout our annual PDR process, not only will you have developmental conversations, but you’ll have the opportunity to create specific objectives based on the things that will enable you to perform to your best in your role.  

We encourage professional development among all our staff and these objectives will be supported with individually selected training courses to help you unlock your potential.  

Peer to peer learning

We’ve always been focused on employing talented people to help drive our organisation forward – and it’s because of this that they help us achieve great things.  

Working here allows you to get involved in interesting discussions, challenge your thinking and learn from all of the people you meet – and you might even teach everyone else a thing or two! 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

It’s our fundamental belief that we should all be able to be ourselves at work and that no one should experience discrimination or exclusion while doing their job.  

We are committed to creating and sharing a whole host of resources and training to help everyone increase their understanding of EDI. This helps us all to be considerate colleagues, and to celebrate the complete range of differences we have, which we believe make our organisation so great. 

Promoting our purpose 

By educating and supporting our members throughout their careers our work contributes to the advancement of each new generation of doctors and helps to improve patients’ lives. We like to remind ourselves of that at every opportunity, and if you join the RCR team, you’ll get to learn a lot about our specialties of oncology and radiology from some of the best cancer care and imaging doctors worldwide.  

We also host regular learning sessions, where doctors and other professionals working in medical imaging (such as X-rays and MRIs) and cancer care come and join us to share their work. These sessions help us to understand more about their day jobs and the impact our members have on patient care.  

“The RCR offers lots of learning and development opportunities and we are encouraged to reflect on what our needs are to best allow us to deliver in our roles and to stretch ourselves.”