The RCR is led in Scotland by the Standing Scottish Committee. 

What we do

Through interaction with the Scottish Government, the Standing Scottish Committee advises ministers and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) on matters relating to clinical oncology and clinical radiology by:

  • Participation on working groups
  • One to one meetings with the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Well-being and the CMO
  • Developing initiatives on behalf of members in Scotland
  • Commenting on how UK initiatives and developments will affect Scottish oncology and radiology
  • Responding to relevant Scottish consultation documents. 


The Chair of the Standing Scottish Committee is Dr Grant Baxter (clinical radiology) and the Honorary Secretary is Dr Nazia Mohammed (clinical oncology).

For all enquiries, please email the Policy and Academic Research Coordinator

RCR Response to Audit Scotland's NHS workforce planning report - 27 July 2017

RCR report reveals patients suffer as Scottish radiology services reach breaking point

The clinical radiology workforce in Scotland: 2015 census report shows that:

  • Radiologist numbers increased by only 3% between 2010-2015 - the lowest of all the home nations
  • The imaging workload increased by 55% in the same period
  • 1 in 10 radiologist posts remain unfilled
  • Some 19% of clinical radiology consultants will retire by 2020, 36% by 2025 and 53% by 2030
  • Scotland has only eight radiologists per 100,000 population while the European average is 12 radiologists per 100,000 people   
  • A poor geographic spread of services means that many patients in Scotland have limited access to specialist radiology expertise.

Our publications

Our consultation responses

17.10.16 - The Scottish Standing Committee's response to the NHS Scotland Shared Services National Radiology Model Strategic Document

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