The RCR’s Strategic Priorities were published in December 2019 and outline five themes:

  1. Workforce

    Support excellent, safe patient care by working collaboratively on team-wide standards across imaging and oncology. Define our doctors’ professional needs for the future and shape sustainable workforce models for our patients and our specialties to realise them.

  2. Be the experts

    Highlight to the public and stakeholders the contribution our specialties make to safe, evidence-based and cost-effective patient care. Contribute meaningfully to the debate on the future of healthcare both in the UK and overseas.

  3. Professional learning

    Develop our educational offer to support our doctors to meet the challenges of practice, working with others where appropriate, sharing ideas where possible. Adopt new educational models rapidly to ensure continuing equity of access to high-quality products.

  4. Membership value

    Support all Fellows and members to deliver the best care for patients, for their entire career regardless of where or how they practice.

  5. Our College

    Shape a College that is demonstrably agile and responsive, accountable and open, supporting our specialties and the patients we treat.

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