The RCR’s Strategy 2017-20 was published in January 2017 and outlines the College’s priorities over the next three years.

It contains five themes:

  1. Increasing and supporting the workforce in clinical radiology and clinical oncology for the benefit of patients
  2. Ensuring the continuing quality of training and practice in both specialties and improving service delivery
  3. Increasing awareness of the value of the specialties for the benefit of patients
  4. Improving the value of College membership through life-long professional learning and engagement for the benefit of patients
  5. Developing research and technologies for our two specialties.

An annual plan has been produced for each Faculty. These detail how the College Strategy will be delivered. The plans were approved by the Faculty Boards at their meetings in November 2017 and will be reported on in the Annual Review.

Previous Strategic Plans:

Annual reviews

Our annual report is an overview of our yearly achievements