Following the change of Presidency at the RCR Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 14 September, work on the future strategy will take place over the coming months. The 2017–2020 strategy will be published in early 2017.  

The RCR’s two Faculties will continue to work on the key activities to be implemented during this College year which are detailed in the following programmes of work: Clinical Oncology Business Plan 2015-16 and Clinical Radiology Business Plan 2015-2016.

The current economic, demographic and cultural environment has resulted in a number of initiatives which will have a major influence on the way clinical radiology and clinical oncology services are provided in the future in the UK. These include:

  • The move towards seven-day working
  • Divergence of healthcare systems in the four UK nations
  • The development of plans for UK-wide restructuring of training in response to the Shape of Training report
  • The post-Francis landscape of increased transparency and public accountability
  • Limitations on resources, such as staff and equipment, impacting the ability to deliver

Previous Strategic Plans:

Annual reviews

Our annual report is an overview of our yearly achievements