Clinical oncology programme

Clinical oncology lecture streams

Monday 14 October
Living in interesting times: Paradigm shifts in lung cancer management?

The steady stream of lung cancer trial results can create more questions than answers. The program will focus on areas of practice where the greatest change is anticipated in thecoming years. It also includes a radiotherapy
planning workshop to address some of the challenges in thoracic radiotherapy.

Tuesday 15 October
Advances in management of oligometastatic and primary liver cancer

Recent technical advances in treatment of liver metastases and primary liver cancer are expanding the treatment options available for patients. Experts in the field will outline the role of current local and ablative treatment options and the growing use of precision radiotherapy in these settings.

Clinical oncology trainee workshop: Imaging for radiotherapy planning

The aim of this these sessions is to use the combined expertise of clinical oncologists and radiologists to help develop radiotherapy planning skills in the major disease sites for clinical oncology trainees
Wednesday 16 October

Precision radiotherapy for biliary and pancreatic cancers

The advent of precision radiotherapy techniques for pancreatic and biliary cancers offers new opportunities to address the unmet need for treatment and improve the outcome of patients with these cancers. We will explore options to optimise radiotherapy for these patients, including a hands on radiotherapy planning workshop.

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