RCR Newsletter

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In the Summer issue of the Newsletter we feature articles from our Fellows and members around the globe, hear about the international work of the RCR and get a better understanding of what life is like for doctors working in our specialties outside of the UK.

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Global fellows programme - what trusts need to know

What is the Global Fellows Programme?

It is for independently competent radiologists to come to England to perform a mixture of service wor

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Meet the new Overseas Ambassadors

The RCR has appointed two overseas ambassadors to represent both Faculties of the RCR outside the UK.

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An interview with Dr Simon Fox

Newsletter Editor, Dr Rowena Johnson, interviews Dr Simon Fox, a barrister at Serjeants' Inn Chambers, who originally qualified and worked as a do


Oncology Registrars' Forum - More than just cat memes

This month I have finally joined Twitter … Yes, I realise I’m about a decade late, but I always thought it would  only offer endless baby phot


Junior Radiologists' Forum

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is credited with the quote ‘Music is the universal language of mankind,’ but when it  comes to medicine I think of


It's not about the errors, it's about the learning

Following on from RCR guidance in 2007 and 2014, discrepancy meetings have been almost universally adopted by radiology departments in the UK.