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As we begin a new year at the RCR, the Autumn Newsletter looks at topical issues for the doctors working in our specialties, including the current workforce, understanding pension tax and more on our medicolegal theme. 

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POCUS - point of care ultrasound

As technology advances and ultrasound equipment becomes portable and affordable, with the potential to be plugged into your smart phone,


Virtually there

Over the years I have attended many conferences, often in fairly exotic places. Increasingly though, I had formed the view that the


Reflections on the centenary of the birth of Godfrey Hounsfield (28 August 1919 – 12 August 2004)

28 August 2019 was the centenary of the birth of Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield. His remarkable legacy – the computed tomography (CT) sc

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Oncology Registrars’ Forum (ORF) Going with the flow

As I sit down to write this column, I have just seen an alert about the developments with the Whaley Bridge dam; this was on the sam

Line drawing of a patient lying down to be X-rayed taken from Radiography by S R Bottone

John Mackintyre and the Glasgow Royal Infirmary

It’s easy to view our own times as being particularly challenging, however, each decade has its own issues.