RCR Newsletter

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In the Summer issue of the Newsletter we feature articles from our Fellows and members around the globe, hear about the international work of the RCR and get a better understanding of what life is like for doctors working in our specialties outside of the UK.


Historical musings - John Polan dand the Miller Hospital

The Miller Hospital in Greenwich was important and served a large quadrant of south-east London.

Delegate participating in the COPP workshop at RCR18

When I was a lass ...

With the rapidity of advances in medicine, the perception that having once been trained (at some point) in radiotherapy planning, this competence remains constant

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Turning things around

As I write, a report on the investigation into failures in communication or follow-up of unexpected significant radiological findings is being drafted by the HSIB

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Medicine and the law

Newsletter Editor, Dr Rowena Johnson interviews barrister, John Coughlan

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Do we recognise the risk in every decision made?

Fully informed consent is something few, if any, of us would argue against as a concept.