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Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

The winter issue of the Newsletter showcases even more innovators from across both of our specialties. The articles from our change makers provide and honest and practical insights into how you can make real improvements in your department.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

Leading by example

The Winter 2018 Newsletter is the second of our ‘Exemplars’ editions.

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Bullying and undermining #LetsRemoveIt

The UK General Medical Council (GMC states: ‘Bullying is behaviour that hurts or frightens someone who is less powerful, often forcing them to do s


Change makers: Life as a female academic clinical radiologist

I have been an academically active clinical radiologist for the majority of my radiological working life, and have relished the interest and opport

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Change makers: All in a day's work

Increasingly, the minimally invasive elective procedures offered by interventional radiology (IR) have become firstline in National Institute for H

Photo of interventional radiologists at work

Change makers: Early intervention

Interventional radiology (IR) is one of the ‘critical shortages’ within our ‘shortage specialty’. The shortage of IR consultants

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Change makers: From sceptic to believer: satellite working and remote planning

I have worked in a ‘small’ cancer centre in the centre of Reading for 25 years, with  a catchment population, according to NATCANSAT, of

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The reasoning radiologist

Prompted by Paul McCoubrie’s recent article The unreasonable radiologist (RCR Autumn 2018 Newsletter) and his exhortation to say 'NO', I was musing